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La Vonne's Knot Just Knits 2
Friday, 31 August 2012
Thoughts about Crochet Symbol Charting
So I'm thinking about doing Charting for Self Publishing designers who cannot do their own or have no desire to do their own charts. What do you think? It would give me a break from designing but still have my hand in so to speak. Good or bad idea? Pros/Cons? Anybody?

Posted by Angela at 8:44 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012 - 10:32 AM EDT

Name: lavonne3ca
Home Page: http://www.lavonneknotjustknits.com

Sent from my needlework Visio Idol Kim Salazar.  Sorry you were having so much trouble posting.  Angela



A very interesting concept!

If you are thinking about doing this as a service business, you probably already know that self-publishing designers operate on less than a shoestring.  (More like a frayed thread that used to be a shoestring).

Paid or unpaid work - there's also the complication of inevitable errors and who shoulders the blame/cost for corrections.  Not to say that you'd make an error, but if you transmit one produced by the original designer, that neither of you realized existed, you might end up with a more confrontational relationship than anticipated.

But please don't let these idle thoughts dissuade you.  Your talents are considerable, and I know the satisfaction that doing up a solid chart can bring.  Besides, it's just flat out fun to do.

Have you considered redacting truly ancient early crochet patterns, from publications prior to 1900?  There are many excellent ones that sit unworked these days because modern needleworkers find the prose directions too remote from what they're used to.  I have a feeling that you'd find a wealth of source material; no deadline pressures; the ability to self-publish on your own (paid or free distribution); and the joy of working with pattern authors who never make demands, and never argue.  :)

What ever you decide, all the best for success!  -K.

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